1. How Seasonal Colors Can Be An Important Part of Your Commercial Landscaping

    Sometime around October and November fall colors start coming back in style. Summer colors are out, and fall colors are in. Here in Dallas, this doesn’t always happen naturally with the plant life, but people expect it to happen. Let’s take a look at why and how we can help your business with seasonal color here in Dallas and Plano. Movers Expect Something to Change Some people move to Dallas …Read More

  2. 3 Reasons To Have  A Commercial Lawn Fertilizer Service Handle Your Lawn

    If you own a business with a small lawn, you might hire someone like Landscape Solutions to take care of your lawn mowing and general landscaping tasks like trimming. But those are weekly needs, ones that you probably can’t take time out of your business schedule in order to tackle. Having us take care of your weekly mowing just makes sense. But what about fertilization? It only has to be done e…Read More

  3. What Are Our Customers Saying About Our Commercial Lawn Care Service?

      Here at Landscape Solutions, we could tell you how good we are until we’re blue in the face. “We’re the best landscaping company around. We’ll handle your commercial sprinkler systems. Commercial lawn mowing is our specialty.” But there’s only so much self-aggrandizing that will work (especially during the political season!). So let’s take a few moments to respond to what our cust…Read More

  4. When Is The Best Time To Use Your Irrigation System?

      The lawn of your business is one of the first parts of your business that new customers see, so it’s important that it’s in good condition when they stop by. However, it can be a double-edged sword. Water it too little and they’re greeted with dead grass.  Water it too much and they’ll judge you for using too much water. If you’re not going with a smart irrigation system, here are th…Read More

  5. How We Can Make Your Grass More Lush With Commercial Lawn Care

    Here at Landscape Solutions, there are some lawns that we’ve been working on for many years, and they look great. Our customers are happy and our customer’s customers are happy. And that makes us happy. Sometimes we get calls from non-customers who want to hire us to save their business’ lawn. Maybe they were taking care of the lawn care on their own, or they’d hired a less-than-excellent …Read More

  6. Landscape Maintenance Goes Well Beyond Lawns and Flowers

    When many people think of commercial landscaping, the first thought that comes mind is lawn mowing. Second would probably be flower beds, as well as the fertilization and weed control that goes along with having grass and flowers. Here at Landscape Solutions, we’re a full-service commercial lawn care service. That’s why we’re able to handle so much more than just lawn service and flower plan…Read More

  7. Lawn Fertilizer Service, Weed Control, and Drip Irrigation Can Make Your Customers Comfortable

    Most shopping behaviors are determined not by someone’s need for something, but rather by unconscious manipulations that customers aren’t even aware of. It might be marketing, subtle word choices by a salesperson, or the colors of the walls inside the business. Landscape maintenance is something that most people never think about when they visit, but it can play a large part in how they feel a…Read More

  8. How Seasonal Color Can Really Brighten Your Commercial Landscaping

    The world has its seasons, but sometimes it seems that humans fight them when choosing landscaping plants. Because we live in the warm Dallas/Fort Worth area, plants brought in from other parts of the country can bloom in ways that are counter to how we view the traditional colors of the seasons. When a plant blooms in the “wrong” season, it can go a long way toward sending the wrong message t…Read More

  9. How A Lawn Weed Control Service Can Make Your Business More Appealing

    If you’ve ever taken a walk in the woods, you know how appealing it can be. There’s something wonderful about the randomness of where everything is. A tree might be growing from the trunk of a dead tree, mushrooms are hiding among the groundcover, and no plant is out of place...it was just meant to be there. But humans also like order, and when we’re in the city we like everything to be in i…Read More

  10. Commercial Landscaping Can Help You With Your…Windows?

      We’ve written blogs about how commercial landscaping can help you grass and your plants, and how it can help save you money with drip irrigation. But you might be surprised to read a blog about how the right lawn maintenance company can help you with your windows. That seems a bit out of the realm of your average grass cutting company, doesn’t it? Let’s find out how! Protecting Windows Fr…Read More