1. Ways You Can Save Water By Working With Your Landscaping Company

      Without a doubt, Americans use too much water on their lawns. Did you know that lawns use nearly the same amount of water as all agriculture put together...and we can’t eat our lawns! We also can’t eat the shrubs and flowers that are a big part of most landscaping. Freshwater is, in many ways, a limited resource. The fact is, the cost of it is heavily subsidized in our country. That’s…Read More

  2. Why You Shouldn’t Perform Your Own Commercial Landscaping

      There’s a reason why we focus on commercial landscaping instead of mowing the lawns of homeowners: we like to help businesses, and we like to make their lawns, trees, shrubs, and bushes look as good as possible so that they can draw the customers back again and again. One reason that businesses use us as landscape contractors is that we make them look good. But there are also a number of …Read More

  3. What One Specific Customer Is Saying About Our Commercial Landscape Maintenance

      We’ve responded to customer reviews before, but this time we’re going to hear from one of our biggest customers, one we’re sure you’ll be familiar with. Today we’re going to respond to the Vice President of Discount Tire Company. “In the many years of doing business with Landscape Solutions, their workmanship has been superior. It has been a pleasure to work with a company of ho…Read More

  4. Spring Is Here! What Will Your Landscaping Company Be Doing?

    Now that we’ve come through winter and spring is here, it’s time to start changing the way we do things a little here at Landscape Solutions. Sure, we’re going to keep delivering top-quality commercial lawn care, but your business’ lawn down need the same care it does in the spring as it does in the winter. Let’s take a quick look at some of the changes we’ll be making during our comme…Read More

  5. 4 Foundations of Our Commercial Landscaping Company

    Here at Landscape Solutions, we’re dedicated to providing the absolute best in commercial landscaping to the businesses of Plano, Dallas, and Fort Worth. While that certainly means providing the absolute best in lawn mowing and trimming, it should come as no surprise that there’s more than just grass cutting that goes into providing top-notch lawn service. On our homepage, four of the first wo…Read More

  6. 4 Reasons Professional Commercial Lawn Service Beats the DIY Method

    First off, we want to wish you a Happy New Year from everyone here at Landscape Solutions. We hope you have a great 2017, and we certainly hope we can be a part of it with you by taking care of your commercial landscaping. With the new year, it wouldn’t surprise us if you’ve been looking at your budget. Some of you might be wondering if commercial landscaping is something that should remain on…Read More

  7. How Your Commercial Landscaping Company Deals With Broken Irrigation Systems

    One great part about having a commercial landscaping company deal with your irrigation system is that your sprinklers will always be up and running, keeping your grass and plants green and your customers pleased with the look of your property. Of course, things go wrong with sprinkler systems from time to time, which makes having experts on sprinkler systems at your disposal a necessity. You might…Read More

  8. How Seasonal Colors Can Be An Important Part of Your Commercial Landscaping

    Sometime around October and November fall colors start coming back in style. Summer colors are out, and fall colors are in. Here in Dallas, this doesn’t always happen naturally with the plant life, but people expect it to happen. Let’s take a look at why and how we can help your business with seasonal color here in Dallas and Plano. Movers Expect Something to Change Some people move to Dallas …Read More

  9. 3 Reasons To Have  A Commercial Lawn Fertilizer Service Handle Your Lawn

    If you own a business with a small lawn, you might hire someone like Landscape Solutions to take care of your lawn mowing and general landscaping tasks like trimming. But those are weekly needs, ones that you probably can’t take time out of your business schedule in order to tackle. Having us take care of your weekly mowing just makes sense. But what about fertilization? It only has to be done e…Read More

  10. What Are Our Customers Saying About Our Commercial Lawn Care Service?

      Here at Landscape Solutions, we could tell you how good we are until we’re blue in the face. “We’re the best landscaping company around. We’ll handle your commercial sprinkler systems. Commercial lawn mowing is our specialty.” But there’s only so much self-aggrandizing that will work (especially during the political season!). So let’s take a few moments to respond to what our cust…Read More