Unless they own a business, most people never think about the landscaping that they walk past (or on) on a daily basis. They’ll enter a business and, while they might not consciously know where their positive or negative feelings about the business is coming from, they’re going to judge it based on how the landscaping looks.

People who don’t own businesses certainly don’t think about the difference between a commercial landscaping company and a residential one…but we do. In fact, these are points that we pride ourselves on, because there’s a big difference between a company that stops by to take care of the lawn in front of someone’s house and a company that has to work in a commercial environment. While we’ve detailed some of these points before, we think it’s important to remind readers just how a commercial landscaping company is more than a little different.

Working Around Customers

Residential: A residential mowing company doesn’t have to worry about working around people nearly as much. They might knock on the home’s door to make sure that there aren’t any kids or pets playing in the back yard, but most homeowners know to stay out the way when there’s mowing going on.

Commercial: Commercial landscapers, on the other hand, really need to be aware of customers coming and going. When customers are walking in and out of a shop, they don’t want to be close to noisy mowing equipment. They most certainly don’t want to have grass blown on their feet or fear that the machine is getting too close to their toes!

A commercial mowing company is simply more accustomed to working around people, and we know what is and what is not acceptable. Of course, if possible, we’re going to work when there aren’t any customers at all. Speaking of which…

Working Around a Schedule

Residential: A residential mower usually doesn’t have to worry too much about when they mow. As long as they’re not mowing too early or too late for city ordinances, they can take care of the mowing at just about any time of day that it’s light out.

Commercial: Mowing while there’s no one around is certainly a good idea. If we can mow before your customers arrive, we will. If you own a fast food restaurant, we won’t be mowing during the most busy times between 11 am and 1 pm. While we can’t always guarantee that we’ll be there when there are no customers, we’ll do what we can to work with your schedule. Talking to us is the first step.

Working With the Landscape

Residential: Here’s where things get more specialized. We respect residential mowers because they’re dealing with aspects of moving that we often don’t. They have to deal with toys on the lawn, dog mess, garden hoses, and people’s prized roses that can’t be touched.

Commercial: We have our own problems to deal with in commercial landscaping. Low-hanging branches can’t be ignored as they can be in a back yard, and storefronts with large windows are much more likely to be cracked by a flying rock. Working with the building and landscape is simply different with commercial buildings, and we’re accustomed to working with both.

The fact is, we specialize in commercial landscape maintenance, and our experience helps us do the best possible job. Contact us today when you want your business’ grounds to look their absolute best!