We are already well into the Spring season and for the next coming months we expect clear skies, sunshine, and warmer temperatures. If you haven’t begun commercial landscape maintenance activities for your commercial property, there is no better time than now to spring into action. Spring landscaping maintenance plays an essential role in preparing your commercial property for a healthy and colorful season. 

But how do you know what your top priorities are when it comes to the landscape of your commercial property? Below, our expert commercial landscapers share a few tasks that should be included on your Spring landscape maintenance checklist.

  1. Assess The Property

Did you know that, compared to the 28 inches of snow per year averaged by the United States, Dallas only averages one inch of snow per year? While the winters here aren’t much compared to other parts of the country, ice and snow typically occur once or twice a year, and occasionally extremely cold winter conditions will catch everyone by surprise. Although rare, single-digit temperatures can have some not-so-appealing effects on your landscape. Before anything else happens, the first step should be to do a thorough assessment of your commercial property, searching for any signs of winter damage. Once complete, you’ll be better prepared to determine the appropriate steps that can be taken to rejuvenate the turf, plants, and other greenery on the property that is suffering. 

  1. Clean Up 

Many homeowners follow a spring cleaning regime that often involves some yard work; your business should be no different. Not all the leaves fall in the fall — the winter winds will cause whatever is left over to fly off and litter the landscape along with branches and twigs. Before any serious lawn mowing or lawn care methods take place, the debris needs to be cleaned up. Leaves and other green waste tend to build-up in landscape beds. A thorough spring cleanup throughout your commercial landscape will help prepare beds for fresh mulch and seasonal flowers. Not to mention, getting leaves and debris off of turf is vital to allow the lawn to breathe and receive the proper nutrients needed to thrive. 

  1. Tend To Landscape Beds

During the winter season, mulch breaks down into the soil. Keep in mind, this is after the mulch has already lost its color after a summer full of sunshine. Mulch is very beneficial for the landscape because it not only helps the soil retain moisture, but it also helps suppress weed growth, prevent soil temperature fluctuations, and it adds aesthetic appeal. Mulch gives beds a clean-lined look that accents flowers and creates an overall manicured look for your commercial property. Simply put, mulch promotes good plant health and can help boost curb appeal. And, spring is the best time for mulch installation.

  1. Prevent Weeds

If you want to prevent unsightly weeds from popping up on your commercial property this summer, it is important that the necessary preventative measures are taken. A pre-emergent herbicide application will do the trick. This is what you want the first lawn care application of the season to be — it helps prevent the germination of particularly stubborn weeds such as crabgrass. Waiting until weeds start to sprout in the summer to start trying to treat your commercial property will make it harder to get rid of them. 

  1. Tune-Up Your Irrigation System

If your commercial property has an irrigation system, the spring is the perfect time for a tune-up. This tune-up should include checking the valves and the controller, assessing the irrigation system for wear and tear or damage such as broken nozzles, removing obstructions like dirt and debris from sprinkler heads, and testing the pressure of the water. A well-maintained irrigation system will help keep landscape beds and other greenery healthy and vibrant all season. 

Let Our Landscape Professionals Handle Your Spring Commercial Landscaping

If you don’t want to have to deal with getting your commercial landscape prepared for Spring, let the team at Landscape Solutions in Dallas help! To receive an estimate for a spring landscape maintenance program, contact us today!