dreamstime_xxl_2577791We’ve written blogs about how commercial landscaping can help you grass and your plants, and how it can help save you money with drip irrigation. But you might be surprised to read a blog about how the right lawn maintenance company can help you with your windows. That seems a bit out of the realm of your average grass cutting company, doesn’t it? Let’s find out how!

Protecting Windows From Breaking

If you take care of your lawn care at home, you probably don’t have to worry much about rocks being thrown by your mower. Every so often you might hear a rock leave the mower and hit the siding of your home, but having a rock hit glass and shatter it isn’t a very common occurrence. That’s because the rocks tend to come out low, and most house windows are more than a few feet off the ground. The only time you really have to worry about it is if you have a sliding door or a completely glass storm door.

The situation is different for many businesses, which have floor to ceiling glass panels and glass doors that the customers use every day. It’s important for your commercial landscaping company to know what they’re doing with the mowers, ensuring that rocks aren’t going to be hurled through your windows (and being insured if they do).

Protecting Window From Dirt

One of the reasons that many windows get too dirty is that the sprinkler system isn’t working properly. Too often the sprinklers are misaligned and will get the windows unnecessarily wet, which leads to dust coming along and sticking. If you have a smart irrigation system, you’ll be using less water and we can make sure that it’s not hitting your windows and causing them to get dirty. Drip irrigation can ensure that those windows aren’t hit at all.

There you have it: the relationship between a good commercial landscaping company and your company’s windows. Ready for us to watch over your glass? Give Landscape Solutions a call today!