Sometime around October and November fall colors start coming back in style. Summer colors are out, and fall colors are in. Here in Dallas, this doesn’t always happen naturally with the plant life, but people expect it to happen. Let’s take a look at why and how we can help your business with seasonal color here in Dallas and Plano.

Movers Expect Something to Change

Some people move to Dallas or Plano after having lived their entire lives somewhere in the country that has four distinct seasons. They might not know exactly what’s going to happen their first year here, but they expect something to change when it comes to the trees and plants. While not every tree is going to drop its leaves like our oak trees do, people who have moved here are looking for some change to remind them of the fall season that they might miss.

Native Texans Expect It

Even if you’ve lived in Texas for your entire life, department stores tell you to expect the fall colors, don’t they? They bring out the oranges, yellows, and browns, even if those aren’t always the colors you see in nature around here. But, year after year, you’ve come to expect it wherever you go: the grocery, the park, the tire store, or a restaurant. Landscape Solutions can get you that seasonal color you need to make everyone feel good about the autumn.

So, what can our commercial landscaping company
do for your business to welcome the fall, and thereby welcome your customers?

Plants That Change Color

If we’re performing your initial landscaping, we can include plants such as shrubs that change color in the fall. Some plants will keep their green leaves, while others can deliver those fall colors you’re looking for at just the right time. With these permanent plants, you’ll have seasonal color year after year.

Plants We Change

Not every plant will change color on its own. We can do seasonal plantings throughout the year to put in the flowers and other greenery (or, in this case, orange-ery) that will make people feel welcome as they walk or drive past.

Types of Plants

It’s not just the color of the plant that people associate with fall. Some flowers, such as mums, are more closely associated with autumn than other plants. While this might be because of the reddish-orange that they bring, the look of the plant itself will often bring out a yearning to shop for Christmas presents!

Even if you don’t decorate for the fall season inside your business, Landscape Solutions can make it easy to decorate on the outside of your building. No matter the level of commercial landscaping you need to welcome the holidays, we’re ready. Contact us today!