dreamstime_xxl_31533224When many people think of commercial landscaping, the first thought that comes mind is lawn mowing. Second would probably be flower beds, as well as the fertilization and weed control that goes along with having grass and flowers.

Here at Landscape Solutions, we’re a full-service commercial lawn care service. That’s why we’re able to handle so much more than just lawn service and flower planting. For instance, we handle:

Shrub Pruning

Shrubs can get away from you quickly, doubling or even tripling in size over the course of just a few seasons. You’ll want to get them reeled in a little, ensuring that they’re not covering sidewalks or looking too scraggly.

Interestingly enough, varieties of shrub can be out of fashion, just like exterior painting colors or architecture. If your shrubs have been in the ground for more than fifteen years, it might do you good to update to more modern, in-fashion types that match what you’d find around newer buildings.

Tree Trimming

There are so many reasons to trim trees. Damage is important to take care of, whether it’s from weather or disease, so that broken or dead branches don’t fall on your customers. Tree trimming can also help to shape the tree for aesthetic reasons, as well getting the branches away from your building or overhead power lines.


landscape 1As simple as mulch is, it can make or break the look of a landscape. Mulch will dry out and become pale as it sits in the sun, and this color is seldom what will appeal to customers.

Landscape solutions is ready to handle all of your landscaping needs. Ready to please the eyes of your customers? Contact us today!