Now that we’ve come through winter and spring is here, it’s time to start changing the way we do things a little here at Landscape Solutions. Sure, we’re going to keep delivering top-quality commercial lawn care, but your business’ lawn down need the same care it does in the spring as it does in the winter. Let’s take a quick look at some of the changes we’ll be making during our commercial landscape maintenance.

Changing Out Seasonal Plants

Seasonal planting is one of the most common types of landscaping here in Plano and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Customers are expecting different colors throughout the year in plants and flowers. That’s why we’ll be removing flowers that suggest winter and replace them with those that people love to see in spring. It puts a bounce in people’s step when they look around and see things blooming, making their moods even better as the enter your business

Of course, if we performed your landscaping in previous years, there will also be permanent plants in the ground that are beginning to pop. We’ll trim them properly so that they look good and grow strong.

Checking the Sprinklers

It doesn’t snow much in the area, but there’s no doubt that it can get well below freezing. Hopefully you had your sprinkler system blown out blown out last fall, but even if your irrigation was properly blown out there’s always the chance that water got into a worn part of the system, froze, and cracked it. If that’s happened, we’ll be sure to fix the broken component so that your sprinkler system is back up and running. We’ll also make sure to calibrate it so that it’s not running too often or for too long.


Lawns need different types of nutrients throughout the year. When they slow down their growth for the season they won’t need as much in the way of fertilizer. But once spring is here, it’s important the grass has what it needs in order to grow roots deeper and turn the blades green.

Inspecting Grass

Some grass might not be greening up like it should, and those bad patches should be addressed. If it’s all been watered and fertilized the same amount, it’s likely that there’s some sort of disease, insect, or grub problem that’s killing the grass. Landscape Solutions will address the problem quickly so that it doesn’t get worse and spread to any other part of the lawn.

Inspecting Trees

Your trees likely weathered the winter pretty well, and any branches that broke off during ice storms were likely already taken care of during week-to-week service. But now that it’s spring, it’s time to check trees for diseases and insects just as we did for the grass. Unfortunately, the emerald ash borer has been found in Texas, so we’ll definitely be checking to make sure we don’t find any signs of this tree-killing pest.

We’re here to help your business slide effortlessly into spring. Contact Landscape Solutions and we’ll get your landscaping looking better than ever.