America is a big place. 50 states, more than 3,000 miles across. 3.797 million square miles, which is 2.3 billion acres.

Not only is it big, but it’s diverse. Mountains, deserts, forests, lakes, plains. America contains pretty much every type of ecosystem there is. And because it’s so big and has so many diverse characteristics when it comes to plants, a commercial landscaper who works in Rhode Island is going to have to have a different knowledge of how to mow in Florida, which is considerably different from one who has to deal with landscaping here in the Plano area.

Heck, a Texas is so big and so diverse that a commercial landscaper who works in El Paso will have a different approach to landscaping than one like us who works in our part of the state. There are five things that have to be balanced in order to deal make a business’ grass and landscaping look as good as possible.

The Grass Itself

Of course, it all starts with the grass. Not every type of grass will grow here in the Dallas area, and that’s because it’s not supposed to. Unfortunately, many homeowners won’t do their research on what type of grass thrives around here, and home improvement centers will sell it to them anyway because it will look good for a season. But after a while, the bad grass will go away while the good grass is still green. Of course, the grass isn’t going to be green without…

The Water It Needs

Most people tend to think “the more water the better.” But the fact is, grass needs the right amount of water. Water too much and grass-killing fungus can thrive, or mushrooms can start to grow. At the very least you’re wasting money as the water flows over the sidewalk. Why can’t all of it become absorbed? That’s because of…

The Soil It’s In

The difference in soil throughout the country is considerably more different than most people realize. Some soil is filled with clay, some soil drains well. There are different levels of salt and nutrients that change from state to state and region to region. If the water you’re using is sliding from the soil to the sidewalk, maybe it’s too compacted (or you’re just using too much water). We can help you get a healthy soil, and that could including aeration in order to let the roots breath a little more. We’ll amend the soil so that your grass is healthy, but sometimes you’ll still need to give it…

The Fertilizer It Craves

Look at a bag of fertilizer and you’ll tend to see three different numbers, which represent the ratio of three primary chemicals: potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. Different soils and grasses require a different ratio, and a commercial landscaper can make sure to get the proper fertilizers. The fertilizer needed might be different for the grass than it is for…

The Flowers and Plants That Accompany It

Landscaping isn’t all about commercial mowing and helping the grass look its best. It’s also about the seasonal flowers that accompany the grass, as well as the permanent plants that make a business’ ground look as good as they possibly can.

We’re the commercial landscapers who can handle all of the above and make your grass and other landscaping look as good as possible. Contact us today to find out more!