IM000853 copyHere at Landscape Solutions, we could tell you how good we are until we’re blue in the face. “We’re the best landscaping company around. We’ll handle your commercial sprinkler systems. Commercial lawn mowing is our specialty.” But there’s only so much self-aggrandizing that will work (especially during the political season!). So let’s take a few moments to respond to what our customers are actually saying about us.

Having worked with Landscape Solutions over the years, I have found that not only is the service and quality consistent and exceptional, their continued innovations regarding conservation have saved many thousands of dollars. I would recommend them to any of my friends and business associates.

— MVB, Owner of Marking Systems Inc.

Thanks for writing in, we’re happy to work with you. You bring up an interesting point about money savings. Many companies have no idea how much money they’re spending each month on water, and if they do take a look they simply think there’s nothing that can be done about it. But with smart irrigation options, water can be saved at small storefronts as well as huge properties. Some of our biggest money-savers are for apartment complexes, areas that are expected to have a green lawn even during droughts.

Also, thanks for telling your friends and fellow business owners about us. Word of mouth truly is the best advertisement.

I first worked with Jeff and Landscape Solutions on our homeowners’ association and was so impressed with their responsiveness, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness, that I chose them again to provide the landscape maintenance for our commercial real estate.

— D.M., CFO of Firehouse Agency

Once again, word of mouth does the job!

commercial-landscape-1We’re here to provide the best in commercial landscaping to the people of Plano, Dallas, Fort Worth, and beyond. We certainly respond to problems as quickly as possible, whether it’s a problem with your irrigation system, you have a brown spot right in front of your building’s entrance, or need those trees trimmed after a storm. Of course, we also have to work at being as cost-efficient as possible in order to keep our prices right where our customers like it.

Those are just two our customers who wrote in, and we’ll be sure to respond to more of them in the future. If they’re convinced you that Landscape Solutions is right for your business, contact us today!