Sure it’s just the end of February, but spring in the Dallas/Fort worth area tends to come a bit earlier here than in many parts of the nation. While we get some snow now and then, it’s not like we get actual winter in the first place, so the change from winter to spring is considerably more gradual than other parts of the country experience. So what are commercial landscapers in Fort Worth and Dallas doing as the weather gets warmer? Let’s take a quick look.

Changing the Fertilizer

Grass has a normal cycle that follows the seasons, even if the seasons aren’t that harsh. In fall, commercial landscapers will tend to winterize it with a particular type of fertilizer that gives the grass the nutrients to remain healthy during winter. But when spring comes around, it’s time to switch to a different fertilizer that will “wake the grass up” and get it growing. The proper fertilizer won’t just make the grass grow quickly and turn green, but will also encourage it to grow deeper roots in order to make them more water-efficient. And speaking of water…

Fixing the Sprinkler System

A lot can go wrong with a sprinkler system during winter. If it wasn’t properly blown out during fall, any water left inside can expand and break. It’s also possible that water got inside a part — like an exposed sprinkler head — and froze during one of our infrequent dips below freezing.

It’s not just freezing water that you have to worry about, though. Sprinkler heads can get damaged during winter, whether it’s because someone stepped on it wrong or due to vandalism. It’s also very possible that something happened to the sprinkler panel, such as a power outage that reset all of the settings.

If too much has gone wrong with your irrigation system, or if it’s simply using too much water for your liking, you might want to invest in a new smart irrigation system. Click here to learn more about them.

Fixing Bad Spots

There’s really no point in sowing seed or otherwise trying to fix dead spots in the grass during winter, even if we identify problems. Such changes to the grass have to wait for spring, when the fixed sprinkler system can get the seeds growing. Spring is also the time that we inspect the grass for any other problems that might have cropped up, such as fungus that might be attacking the blades.  

Changing Seasonal Plants

A company hoping to take advantage of customers’ buying patterns during the holiday season will always choose to plant some seasonal color during fall and winter. Those plants often stick around until around February, but it’s at that time that customers really get tired of the Christmas-y colors. It’s time to switch to flowers to give a much more spring-like feel to your property.

Ready For Spring?

Most of us are ready for spring, and it’s time to let your landscapers get back to business! When you’re looking commercial landscapers in Fort Worth, Dallas, or Plano, give Landscape Solutions a call!