Here at Landscape Solutions, we’re dedicated to providing the absolute best in commercial landscaping to the businesses of Plano, Dallas, and Fort Worth. While that certainly means providing the absolute best in lawn mowing and trimming, it should come as no surprise that there’s more than just grass cutting that goes into providing top-notch lawn service.

On our homepage, four of the first words you see are consistency, accessibility, reliability, and expertise. Let’s take a look at what each of these means when it comes to providing commercial lawn care in Texas.


There are a few right ways to landscape a lawn, but there are many wrong ways. You want your business’ lawn to look great all the time, and that means proper trimming techniques that won’t cut it too short so that it scorches or leave the lawn too long by the next mowing. We’re here to ensure that the lawn is properly cut, the irrigation system is in working order, and all of the plants on your property are cared for no matter what season it is.


If a tree branch falls during a storm, do you really want to leave it on your property all week long? After all, at best it’s an eyesore that could affect the way people see your business. At worst it’s a danger to your employees and customer.

That’s why you need to be able to reach your commercial lawn service company at all times. If you go with a one-man operation that’s just starting up, you’ll more than likely just be leaving voicemail after voicemail, and your landscaping isn’t going to change until he calls you back. Go with Landscape Solutions and you’ll be able to get ahold of someone quickly.


When is your landscaping company going to show up? With Landscape Solutions, you’ll know. In fact, we use a computerized routing system that creates the best-possible driving routes for our landscapers. This means that we’ll be at your place of business and taking care of your lawn maintenance on time. It also means that we’re using the least amount of gasoline possible, which is better for our air quality. Our scheduling system also ensures that we aren’t scheduled in too many places at once, so delays are seldom an issue when you sign on with us. (While we watch the traffic reports, it’s still the one things we can’t control.)


You want the best. It only makes sense, considering that how your business looks inside and out is influencing how your customers think about you. That’s why you want your landscaping to look as good as possible and create an inviting atmosphere for you customers. At Landscape Solutions, we offer our expertise in lawn care so that your business’ lawns will look good every day of the week, year-round.

We’re proud to be more than just excellent landscapers. We’re also a solid, reliable business that will keep your grounds looking their absolute best. Find out more about our commercial landscaping right here!