spring-landscapingIf you own a business with a small lawn, you might hire someone like Landscape Solutions to take care of your lawn mowing and general landscaping tasks like trimming. But those are weekly needs, ones that you probably can’t take time out of your business schedule in order to tackle. Having us take care of your weekly mowing just makes sense.

But what about fertilization? It only has to be done every so often, and certainly doesn’t have to be taken care of every week. And since you’ve got a spreader and a bag of fertilizer at home, doesn’t it make sense to just go ahead and do it yourself?

You could, but here are a few reasons you might not want to deal with your own fertilizer and call a commercial lawn fertilizer service instead.


Applying fertilizer at the right time is very important. If you fertilize too often you’re going to chemically burn your grass, and if you fertilize too seldom you’re not going to get the lush green you and your customer expect. Which leads us to…


We’ll keep you on our calendar so that you get your lawn fertilizer taken care of at the right time, but it’s even more important that you’re using the right fertilizer. Fertilizers have three numbers on them representing the amount of nitrogen(N), phosphorus(P), and potassium commercial-lawn-fertilizer-service-1(K) they contain. It’s important to have a commercial lawn fertilizer service choose the right one for your grass and soil.


Why keep fertilizer around in your garage or at your business? Why pick it up with ungloved hands at the store, and then have to do a special wash of our clothes after you apply it? We know the proper — and legal — way to apply fertilizer safely.

When you want your lawn to look at good as possible, contant Landscape Solutions!