dreamstime_xxl_14399730Here at Landscape Solutions, there are some lawns that we’ve been working on for many years, and they look great. Our customers are happy and our customer’s customers are happy. And that makes us happy.

Sometimes we get calls from non-customers who want to hire us to save their business’ lawn. Maybe they were taking care of the lawn care on their own, or they’d hired a less-than-excellent lawn service to handle their landscaping. This new caller wants us to sweep in and fix the problems that have arisen at their business.

We’re happy to tell them that, yes, we can help! Here are the steps we can take, depending on the problems at hand.


Overseeding doesn’t mean putting too much seed on your business’ lawn. (“Hold back, you’re overseeding!”) It means that the seed is being distributed over existing grass. This can help grass that has become too thin, has patchy spots, or didn’t take in the first place and has a shallow root system. We’ll help identify the kind of grass you have and overseed with what’s already there.

Sometimes grass was improperly chosen when it was installed. Perhaps it was too thirsty, wasn’t right for the amount of sun it was getting, or wasn’t meant for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We can help replace one grass with another, ensuring a smooth and unnoticed transition over time as a more appropriate grass takes over.


There’s no doubt that our role as a lawn fertilizer service can bring a lawn back to life. Different types of grass and different soils need specialized fertilizer, and it’s important to test the soil in order to find out exactly what it needs. Sometimes we find that too much fertilizer has been applied, ”burning” the grass with chemicals. We’ll make sure to heal the grass roots as well as we can, ensuring they get the proper nutrients they need. Often what they need is…

Top Dressing

Top dressing is the process of taking nutrient-rich soil and spreading it over your business’ lawn. It doesn’t cover the grass blades but instead is worked down to become part of the existing soil. From there it releases its natural nutrients, making the soil more rich. It also helps to raise the soil slightly, covering exposed tree and shrub roots.

Sprinkler Coverage

Improper sprinkler coverage is one of the most common reasons that grass turns brown. When the sprinklers are misaligned, specific spots of the grass aren’t getting hit with the right amount of water, causing it to die or go dormant. Landscape Solutions can help, because we’re the experts in smart irrigation systems. As your commercial landscaping experts, we’ll stay on top of the sprinkler system to make sure that your lawn is getting the right coverage.

If the lawn of your business doesn’t look as good as it should, just know that it could look better. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll get your lawn looking healthy again.