dreamstime_xxl_40575If you’ve ever taken a walk in the woods, you know how appealing it can be. There’s something wonderful about the randomness of where everything is. A tree might be growing from the trunk of a dead tree, mushrooms are hiding among the groundcover, and no plant is out of place…it was just meant to be there.

But humans also like order, and when we’re in the city we like everything to be in its place. Trash goes in the trash cans, cars go between the white lines, and that plant that looked just fine out in the woods has suddenly become a plant out of place…and we call that a weed!

Your customers like order too, and what it comes down to is this: whether they do it consciously or not, they are equating your lawn care with your company. If your business’ lawn is full of weeds, they will have a less favorable view of your business.

Why? In a word, disorder. When the customers walk up to your business they expect order…they have a need, and you are there to solve their problem, whether their problem is hunger, worn tires, or having an old cell phone. If they see that you are having trouble simply taking care of your lawn, then they will have less confidence that you are the one who can fulfill their needs. Again, this might not be a conscious decision, but people are often swayed by things they can’t fully articulate.

When it comes to giving your potential customers a favorable impression, make sure you’re providing the best in a lawn weed control service. In the Dallas area, that’s Landscape Solutions!