If you’re looking for a commercial landscaper for your business, Landscape Solutions in DFW is ready to take care of all of your needs. Not only do we provide commercial lawn mowing and fertilizing, but we also handle just about anything that has to do with your property. From tree trimming and shrub pruning to complete sprinkler maintenance, we’re here to deliver everything you need to keep your business looking its best.

Commercial landscaping is different from home landscaping in many different ways, and that’s why you want to find someone who specializes in taking care of business properties. You need someone who knows how to work around your schedule, a company that knows how to be around customers. Of course, you also want a company that is accustomed to working around glass and knows the best way to make sure rocks aren’t flying around the floor-to-ceiling windows that many storefronts have. Landscape Solutions can do all of this and more.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Not every business requires the same attention. We will create a customized plan for each property, based on your needs and budget. The size of the area makes a big difference, as does the amount of work done to it in the past. Whether it’s basic upkeep or a complete overhaul, we can help.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to find a commercial landscaper who can take care of seasonal plants. Customers desire color in their landscaping, whether it’s the bright colors of spring or the oranges of fall. It’s an easy way to put customers in the shopping mood, especially when the winter season comes around.

Landscape Solutions is here to provide the absolute best in commercial landscape maintenance. We have customers throughout North Texas, including Plano, Dallas, and Fort Worth. Every week we are helping businesses throughout the area make the most of their lawns and greenery. Learn more about our services by reading below.

Lawn Mowing and Trimming

Commercial mowing is the most common of all services we provide, and the one that is most important to our clients. That’s because our clients know that their customers are interested in seeing a freshly-trimmed lawn every time they stop by. Our lawn care experts know just how close to trim a lawn so that it looks good throughout the week, without causing damage by cutting it too short. When you’re looking for the best lawn care service for your business, contact Landscape Solutions in DFW.

Shrub and Flower Bed Care

Many people think that, once shrubs and flowers are in the ground, there’s no longer any care that needs to be taken. While that would be nice, it’s simply not the case. Our commercial landscaping company is ready to plant flowers and shrubs, whether they’re annuals or perennials. Once they’re in, we’ll care for them with the proper lawn fertilizer service and soil amendments that will keep your space looking good all year round, no matter the weather.

Shrub Pruning

Shrubs can be difficult to keep looking right. While you can’t let them get too scraggly, trimming them back at the wrong time can cause them to go into shock. Trimming them back too far can create empty spaces that will take months to grow back. That’s why you need an expert landscaper on the job, one that knows the proper time and the proper way to prune a shrub so that it gets stronger and fuller over the years.

Lawn Fertilization Service

Lawns aren’t always getting the nutrients they require from the soil. The grass is often depleted of its natural nutrients with no natural way to replenish them. Precious topsoil can also be washed away from improper watering, leaving the grass without the nutrients to grow properly. Landscape Solutions will test the soil to find out exactly what it needs and then take care of the lawn fertilizer service that makes your lawn look lush and green.

Weed Control

Weeds are good at saying one thing to your customers: we don’t care. Unfortunately, this perceived attitude can bleed over from your lawn and into your business. A customer who sees weeds has a negative view of your business before they even enter the building, simply because weeds suggest a lack of care in service. After all, if you don’t care enough to get rid of weeds that are out in public, why should they trust you to provide them with top-quality products and services? Let Landscape Solutions deal with your weed problem.

Tree Trimming

While tree trimming might not have to be done very often, it is a vital piece of commercial landscaping. Trees are the most permanent part of the landscape, and since they grow so slowly it’s very important to trim them properly the first time. Landscape Solutions will shape your trees properly so that they look their best and stay out of the way of your customers.

Of course, sometimes a tree needs to be trimmed for safety reasons. Sometimes branches break and stay in the tree, which creates a dangerous situation. They might also fall to the ground, creating tripping hazards. During the cleanup, we’ll trim the tree properly so that the tree can heal and be less susceptible to disease and insect infestation.

Irrigation Maintenance

Landscape Solutions has extensive knowledge in all types of irrigation systems, whether traditional or drip irrigation. We can fix your sprinkler problems, whether it’s a broken head or a more complex problem underground. We can also help set your electronic systems so that you’re not watering too much or too little, both of which can damage your grass. We can also upgrade your business to a smart irrigation system that can save you literally tons of water every year. We can help you make the most of your watering plan.

Seasonal Color

When customers are shopping, they want to experience the color associated with the seasons even if those colors aren’t typically what you’d find in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. No time of year is more important than that span between Halloween and Christmas, where customers are looking for the browns and oranges or red and greens that get them in the holiday season. It’s a great way for your landscaping to greet customers and put them in a shopping mood.


Not every inch of landscaping requires grass. There are some places where grass won’t grow, or where it’s too difficult to get to with mowing equipment. Other spaces are filled with flowers, which certainly don’t need grass underneath. That’s where mulch can be both easy to maintain and beneficial. Mulch comes in a variety of styles and makes an excellent ground cover. Some mulch is there to simply cover the dirt and prevent runoff, while other mulch is purposefully returning nutrients to the soil. Talk to Landscape Solutions about how your commercial landscape can benefit from mulch.


Grass can suffer from bare spots for many reasons. Overseeding is an excellent way to keep a lawn looking as good as it possibly can. Overseeding an existing lawn means preparing the soil and then placing seed down, thickening the thinning spots and ensuring that aging grass has a new generation to back it up and make it look lusher than ever. Landscape Solutions is ready to improve the look of your lawn so that it’s as healthy as possible.

Why Go With A Commercial Landscaping Service?

You might wonder what differentiates a commercial landscaping service from one that caters to homeowners. After all, mowing is mowing, right? Well, we have to respectfully disagree with anyone who has that thought. While the lawn mowing equipment might be the same, there are some very specific skills that a commercial lawn service has to have to keep business owners happy. Here are a few reasons why business owners prefer working with commercial landscapers.

Customers Need To Feel Safe

Most home landscapers simply don’t work around people enough to ensure that they’re giving them enough space. At a house, the kids and the dog are locked up inside, and the most they might have to deal with is the occasional pedestrian on the sidewalk.

Your customers are your lifeblood, and when they’re entering or exiting your business they need to feel safe. That means that they can’t be worrying about someone driving over their foot with a riding lawnmower…or worse! Commercial mowing services are accustomed to working around people and giving them the space they need. They’re always aware of the customers around them and give them space so that they feel safe.

We’ll Work With Your Busy Schedule

Different businesses have different peak times. Fast-food restaurants, for example, can’t afford to have the mowing company around while customers are enjoying their lunch. In fact, they might not even be able to give up the parking spaces that a landscaping service needs to park. We can work with you in order to avoid the peak hours of your business. If you’re a restaurant that doesn’t open until 11:00, we’ll do what we can to get everything done long before your first diners arrive. That means getting onto and off your property as quickly as possible. We can also schedule your sprinklers properly so that customers never get wet.

There’s More To Watch Out For

No doubt there’s quite a bit to watch out for when it comes to home lawn care. There are backyard toys, dog mess, and hardscaping that has fallen out of repair.

Commercial landscapers have to look out for a considerably different variety of problems. For instance, many storefronts have large glass windows all around the building. That means we have to be extra careful to not throw rocks with our mowers, or blow too much dust around and get the windows dirty. We know how important it is for business owners to have their windows look nice so that customers can see what’s inside.

The Landscaping

Having a nice landscape at home is nice. When you put in some orange flowers in the fall or add some decorative pepper plants around the tree out front, it’s a nice touch for you and your neighbors. It’s not something you have to do, though.

But landscaping is an important part of drawing customers in and making them feel comfortable when they’re at your business. As commercial landscapers, we can change the seasonal color so as to put customers in a shopping mood. This is especially true between Halloween and Christmas when customers are looking for very specific plants around a business to match the decorations inside.

Work with the best commercial landscapers in the DFW area — contact Landscape Solutions today.

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