There are two essential elements of a beautiful landscape: fertilization and weed control. At Landscape Solutions, we offer custom programs for a variety of budgets, while being sensitive to the environment. Insured and licensed by the State of Texas, our technicians have the expertise required to properly apply fertilizers and weed control products according to state and local regulations. Work with us to achieve a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of. Contact our team for an estimate.

Fertilizer plays an essential role in the health of any lawn. Each property is different and will require different products and nutrient ratios. At Landscape Solutions, we will customize our lawn fertilizer service to ensure that your property is getting the right nutrients based on its unique needs and changes in season. We strive to use products that are safe for the environment and anyone who walks on the grass.
We’ll start with a soil test so that we fully understand what soil amendments are needed and as the weeks and months go by, you’ll begin to see a lawn that is thick, green, and healthy.

With the right fertilizer and maintenance program, this will also prevent weed growth. Weeds are a nuisance that sucks nutrients from the soil, preventing the grass from getting what it needs to be healthy. Our team of knowledgeable commercial landscapers will use the right combination of products to prevent weed growth while also feeding the soil and grass what it needs for long-term growth.

Let us worry about the aesthetic of your commercial property. Contact Landscape Solutions in Dallas / Fort Worth today.

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