landscapesolutioncta2The Dallas area can be an incredibly hot place, and that leads to evaporation that occurs at an alarming rate. Because any standing water is going to evaporate from a lawn so quickly, it’s important to make sure that you’re using a smart irrigation system.

What is smart irrigation? It’s a way to make sure that the water is put the to the best use possible.

Saving You Money

The first thing that a smart irrigation system will save you is money. You’re paying for water and perhaps even sewer costs, and you want to make sure you’re getting the most from every penny you spend. Smart irrigation ensures that you have to use up to 70% less water. That means spending 70% less money to water your business’ lawn and plants.

Saving the Water

Whether you’re an environmentalist or not, saving water is something that can benefit everyone. If you lose less water, that means more water can remain in the lakes, rivers, and reservoirs that many of use for recreation. Also, when you use less water to water a lawn, it means that fewer chemicals have to be created and used to treat the water.

Public Perception

Proper water usage can benefit the way the public perceives you. We’ve all driven past a company or house where the sprinklers are going off in the middle of rainstorm and thought to ourselves “what a waste.” People tend to think similar thoughts when they walk on a sidewalk and find that the water is running across it and begin wasted. Being a good steward of water will make the public think better of your business.

Investing in a smart drip irrigation system is a great way to save money and make your business look good, including your lawn. Contact Landscape Solutions and we’ll help you get the best around.