One great part about having a commercial landscaping company deal with your irrigation system is that your sprinklers will always be up and running, keeping your grass and plants green and your customers pleased with the look of your property. Of course, things go wrong with sprinkler systems from time to time, which makes having experts on sprinkler systems at your disposal a necessity.

You might wonder what can go wrong with sprinkler systems here in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Let’s take a look at the problems we deal with all the time.

It Still Gets Cold

It’s not like it gets to be terribly cold around here like it does in the northern states. Can it really affect the sprinkler systems that much? The answer is “absolutely.” While the average low temperature in our area of Texas is above the freezing temperature of water, there are individual days where the temperatures are going to drop. (The all-time low for Dallas was -8 Fahrenheit in 1980, which is more than enough to wreak havoc on every sprinkler system.) All it takes is one freezing day during the year to cause sprinkler heads to crack or a pressure vacuum valve to burst. When the weather gets cold, you need someone to watch over your sprinkler system so that you’re not in for a world of expensive repairs.

Parts Wear

Anything with moving parts is going to wear. And let’s not forget the UV rays from the sun, which are going to cause rubber parts to become brittle and plastic parts to crack. Every sprinkler system will need routine maintenance and repair, which is why it’s a good idea to have a landscaping service at the ready to handle these problems.


One thing you want to avoid are misaligned sprinkler heads. They’re going to get misaligned from time to time as people kick them or lawn equipment knocks them loose, and you’ll want to get that fixed as quickly as possible.

You certainly don’t want to be watering the sidewalk, because then you have three new problems. First, you’re wasting water and money. Second, you’re not watering the parts of your lawn that need it, which would lead to brown spots. Third, and most important, you want to appear environmentally-friendly to your customers; watering the sidewalk is one way to get them to shake their heads and question your business’ competency.

The Control Box

If your sprinkler control box isn’t properly programmed, everything can go wrong very quickly. Too little water and you get brown spots, too much and you’re wasting water and inviting fungus growth at the same time. Power outages are one of the most common reasons for irrigation system problems, as well as daylight savings time making them go off at the wrong time of day. We can get your sprinkler system control panel working properly and fix any problems that arise.

Irrigation systems can be a pain to handle on your own, and that’s why you’ll want to employ a commercial landscaping company that specializes in them. Contact Landscape Solutions today!