Without a doubt, Americans use too much water on their lawns. Did you know that lawns use nearly the same amount of water as all agriculture put together…and we can’t eat our lawns! We also can’t eat the shrubs and flowers that are a big part of most landscaping.

Freshwater is, in many ways, a limited resource. The fact is, the cost of it is heavily subsidized in our country. That’s great because it allows everyone to afford a bath and all the drinking water they can imbibe, but it’s bad because it’s so cheap that people don’t care when they waste water on their lawns. To put it bluntly, people should use less water.

Now we’re not saying that you have to do away with your business’ lawn entirely. The fact is, getting rid of your lawn will most likely put you at a disadvantage to with your competition. But you can get the exact same effect from your lawn and landscaping and still use less water, saving you some money and making you feel better about the whole irrigation process. Let’s take a look at how our commercial landscaping company can help you with your water needs.

Invest In Drip Irrigation

We’re big fans of smart irrigations systems. For non-lawn landscaping such as flowers, that will include drip irrigation. But when it comes to the lawn, we can help you with irrigation systems that beat all others in water savings. It saves up to 70% of the water of a traditional sprinkler system, creates less runoff, and actually has better wind resistance so that no as much water is lost into the air and onto sidewalks.

Make Sure Your Sprinklers Are Properly Set

If you’ve hired us as you commercial mowers and landscapers and stick with your current sprinkler system, there’s a good chance that we’re also going to handle your watering. Every sprinkler system is a bit different and should be set according to best practices for our area of the country. We’ll make sure that they’re not set to go off in the middle of the day, because the water evaporates too quickly (and your customers don’t want to walk through your sprinklers!). We’ll also make sure that we’re watering at a time that won’t invite fungus to thrive.

Plant More Water-Efficient Plants

Not every plant uses the same amount of water. Some are incredibly water thirsty, either because they’re growing too quickly or they’re quick to lose it into the air. They wilt at the first sign of a lack of water, and they show it by looking peaked unless they’re watered every day.

Many of the plants that do this aren’t supposed to even be here, because they originally come from parts of the world that are tropical (the Plano area is considered subtropical). The amount of rainfall we get just isn’t enough to keep them, because they’re accustomed to rain every day. But because they’re pretty, people still keep planting them and watering them every day.

Instead of using those plants, we can help you find similar plants that hold up better to the amount of rain that we usually get. Doing so can drastically reduce the amount of public water that you use.

When you want to save water, our commercial landscaping company can help. Contact Landscape Solutions today!