An irrigation system is a vital part of any commercial landscape. While the Dallas/Fort Worth area isn’t exactly a desert, it often doesn’t get the kind of rain we need in order to keep the grass as green as we’d like. Even in years when we get more rain than usual, there can be stretches of weeks where no rain falls at all and the grass turns brown. That’s certainly not something you want your customers seeing.

That’s why a commercial sprinkler system is so important to your business. And while any irrigation system can pump out enough water to keep the grass green, that’s not the only thing you have to consider when it comes to picking the right sprinklers for your system. If you get a smart irrigation system with drip irrigation, you can really save a lot. A lot of what? That’s what we at Landscape Solutions are here to talk about today.


The most obvious resource that is saved when you use a smart irrigation system is water. Most sprinkler systems aren’t very good about determining how much water they’re spraying (or dripping out), but a smart irrigation system delivers a much more controlled amount of water. Believe it or not, the right irrigation system can use up to 70% less water than a standard sprinkler system.

Much of this water savings is accomplished because the systems have better wind resistance, which means considerably less water blowing away and evaporating. These systems are adjusted daily based on weather conditions, and even shut off automatically when it rains. They will also shut off when temperatures freeze, which can end up saving your system from unnecessary sprinkler repairs.


Fresh water is, perhaps, the most undervalued resource in America. Considering the amount of treatment it has to go through before it reaches your sprinkler heads (and shower heads and sinks and toilets), you’re not paying nearly enough for it considering the duties it performs.

But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you want to waste any money on it. Using a sprinkler costs money, both in terms of water and the small amount of electricity it takes to activate the system and keep it running. Imagine saving 70% on the water you spend watering your lawn; we can make it happen.

Save Your Landscape

Common sense says that running your sprinklers as often as possible will be the best thing to keep your lawn looking its best. In this case, common sense is wrong.

In fact, overwatering can have many detrimental effects on your landscaping. Too much watering leads to the water simply running onto the sidewalk, which takes soil with it and down the storm drain. Overwatering can also lead to mushrooms growing on your lawn, which is just sapping nutrients and proving that you’re using too much water. Excessive sprinkler use can also lead to other types of fungal growth, types that can kill your grass.

Let Us Get You Smart Irrigation Up and Running!

We’re ready to help you make the most of your commercial landscape while saving you water, money, and the look of your business’ yard. Contact us today to get the project started!