In our previous blogs we’ve gone over the many reasons that it’s better for you to focus on your own business while letting a commercial landscaping company handle the lawn care. After all, we know how to best take care of commercial lawns and wouldn’t try to tell you how to run your business. We all have our specialties, and we know your business will do best when you devote your time to it rather than spending your time with lawn mowing, sprinkler repair, and fertilizing.

Being a commercial landscaping company, it’s not just important for us to know what to do, but when. Here are some of the most important timing issues we deal with throughout the day, week, month, and year.

Sprinkler Timing

We’re big fans of smart irrigation systems, because they’re so good at delivering the right amount of water to plants at the right time. But we also know that many companies are unwilling to have their current sprinkler system taken out and replaced with a more efficient system. That means that part of our job is to make the system that’s currently installed as efficient as possible.

A big part of that is making sure that the sprinklers are going off at the right time. We don’t have to tell you that it gets hot here in the Houston and Plano areas, and that means water evaporates quickly. That means sprinklers shouldn’t be set to go off at 2:00 pm when the day is at its hottest. We’ll determine when the best time of day is to have your sprinklers go off and set them accordingly. We’ll also make sure that they’re set to go off for the right amount of time, because having them on for too long simply leads to runoff. Finally, we’ll ensure that they don’t spray too many times during the week; too much water can lead to fungus and mushroom growth.

Customer Timing

One of the advantages of working with a commercial landscaping company is that we know what it’s like to work around a business’ customers. We’ll work with you to determine when the best and worst times are for us to show up, because if you own a lunch restaurant it’s unlikely you’ll be wanting us to show up and start your lawn mowing at noon!

Fertilizer Application Timing

Fertilizer is tricky. Put on too little and it doesn’t do much good. Put it on too often and you can chemically burn the grass and damage the other plants. Timing has to be just right when it comes to fertilizer so that your business’ lawn is getting just the right amount.

Seasonal  Plants

Timing is also important with seasonal plants, because the right colors can subconsciously put customers into a shopping mood. In general, they want to see the oranges in fall and reds in winter. Giving them purples at Thanksgiving is going to make your business look a little out of touch when compared to your competitors. Whether we’re dealing with bulbs, bushes, or annuals, we’ll make sure you have the right color at the right time of year.

As you can see, timing is incredibly important in the commercial landscaping business. Give us a call and we’ll make sure to make some time for you!