First off, we want to wish you a Happy New Year from everyone here at Landscape Solutions. We hope you have a great 2017, and we certainly hope we can be a part of it with you by taking care of your commercial landscaping.

With the new year, it wouldn’t surprise us if you’ve been looking at your budget. Some of you might be wondering if commercial landscaping is something that should remain on the budget. After all, you can mow a lawn, right? Others of you might have struggled with landscaping companies around Plano in the past and won’t even consider hiring one. Why not do it yourself?

Well, when you find the right commercial landscapers, everything falls into place and you don’t have to worry about your landscaping any more. Here are the most important reasons you should never skimp on commercial lawn care service

It Will Be Better

You do what you do for 40+ hours a week, and we bet you’re good at it. And the more you do it, the better you get, are we right? Well, the same goes for our commercial landscaping maintenance services; we do this all day, every day, so we know exactly what we’re doing. To be honest, we’re excellent at landscaping and all it entails. Similarly…

It Will Be Done Faster

The more you do something, the faster you tend to get. Do you care how long it takes us?  After all, we’re being paid for the job, not by the hour. What does it matter if it takes us 30 minutes or four hours?

Well, your customers certainly care. You want us on and off your property as quickly as possible so that we’re not getting in the way of your customers. Our mowers make noise, and their size (not to mention the whirling death blades underneath them) can make people uneasy to be around. As we said back in our third-ever blog, working around customers is a skill that amateurs don’t have. To put it bluntly, we’ll make your customers comfortable. Most of the time that means being done as quickly as possible!

You’re Less Likely To Damage Something

When we say you’re more likely to damage “something,” the possibilities are almost endless. It could be knocking blocks off a retaining wall, cutting a branch improperly so that it hurts the tree, or sending a rock flying right through you store’s or office’s front window. Because we do this so often, we know how to avoid these common pitfalls that DIYs often fall into.

Your Irrigation System Will Be Working

One of our specialties here at Landscape Solutions is working with irrigation systems. It doesn’t matter if you have a drip irrigation system or one that’s more traditional, we can install, maintain, and/or repair it. We want you to make the most of your water, and that’s means a properly maintained irrigation system for your grass and plants. After all, once the water goes, the green landscape isn’t far behind.

Landscape Solutions can help you get your mind off your landscaping and back where it needs to be…on your business! Contact us today and we’ll take care of your whole property.