fall-landscapingThe world has its seasons, but sometimes it seems that humans fight them when choosing landscaping plants. Because we live in the warm Dallas/Fort Worth area, plants brought in from other parts of the country can bloom in ways that are counter to how we view the traditional colors of the seasons.

When a plant blooms in the “wrong” season, it can go a long way toward sending the wrong message to customers. Your customers are expecting bright colors in spring and summer, oranges in the fall, and considerably fewer blooms in winter. So how can a landscaper help with this?

Think of It As Decoration

When fall comes, businesses turn to traditional fall colors in their decorations: hay bales, pumpkins, orange leaves. When winter comes along, everything switches to more Christmas-y colors like reds and greens. Think of seasonal planting as additional decorations in order to get your customers in the mood for shopping.

Start With The Permanent Plants

One of the most fun aspects of landscaping is thinking about how the plants you install will work throughout the year. Some plants bloom in spring, some in summer, some in fall. Around Dallas some will even bloom in winter. It’s important to have a professional landscaper plan your area so that you’ll have different colors to match the seasons.

Add The Annuals

landscape 1Once you have the permanent plants in place, it’s time to supplement with the annuals. If the permanent plants are the cake, the annuals are the icing. As your commercial landscape maintenance experts, Landscape Solutions will put in the right plants at the right time in order to create a seasonal color mood for your customers.

Customers might not consciously know it, but they’re expecting your business landscape to look a certain way and will feel that it is “off” if it doesn’t. Make sure to give them what they want with seasonal color and professional landscape management from Landscape Solutions.