When it comes to commercial landscaping, some tasks we perform occur every week, while others only come up at specific intervals. For instance, while we perform lawn mowing services to businesses every week, we’re certainly not going to fertilize every week. And while we might check the irrigation system often to ensure that they are performing properly, we won’t be spraying for weeds on a weekly basis.

Here’s another thing that we don’t have to do every week as commercial landscapers in the Plano/DFW area: change out the seasonal color. How often seasonal color should be changed is right there in its name, as we often put out different foliage based on the season.

But is seasonal color really that important? Absolutely. Here are a few reasons that changing the look of your flower beds and other landscaping can help your business.

It Gets Customers In A Buying Mood

The flowers of spring and summer can certainly draw customers into your business, but we can’t deny that the fall/winter foliage is the time of year that really draws people in. When the oranges and reds come out, people start to feel as if the holiday season is upon them. While they might not have even thought about purchasing an early Christmas present in September, the changing plants (and the changing weather) can bring customers into your store and give you a better chance at a sale.

It Gives Customers a Positive View of Your Business

“But wait,” you might think, “my business isn’t seasonal. It’s much more practical, and people don’t buy it on a whim.” It’s true, not every store sells items that people tend to buy only for the winter holidays. If you own a tire shop, garage door company, or really anything else that just screams practical, you might not think that customers are steered by seeing the perfect flowers put there by a professional landscaper.

But even if you don’t believe that customers are encouraged to purchase more due to your seasonal color, it still gives them a positive feeling about your business. It convinces them that your business is playing along, that you are part of the community that wants to join in on holiday festivities. You might think that that’s a lot for landscaping to accomplish, but it’s important that customers have a positive view of your business. And customers simply expect to see seasonal color wherever they go.

Change Is Good

Why do stores remodel when everything looks perfectly good where it is? Why do shops change out their displays? Why does a business update its logo?

The fact is, customers expect to see change every so often. It’s interesting to them, and they view a changing store as one that’s exciting and moving forward. Once again we’re talking about public perception.

Contact Landscape Solutions For Your Seasonal Color

It’s October, and that means it’s time to get the most important seasonal colors of the year into the ground. Contact Landscape Solutions today to get the process started!