What is a weed? Why do we despise the green plant that is the dandelion while adoring the green plant that is the grass blade? It’s something we think about now and again as we’re handing DFW’s commercial landscaping, because, after all, it’s our job to think about grass and weeds (and bushes and trees and flowers).

In truth, it’s all about what our society wants. A weed is nothing other than a plant out of place; put it in the wood and people love it, put it in a yard and people want to kill it with herbicides. We’re guilty too. We love the look of a perfectly coiffed lawn as well, and that’s what we create every day for the businesses of Plano, Dallas, and Fort Worth. 

So, with Americans loving the lawn and hating the weeds, why is it so important to get rid of anything that isn’t a blade of grass?

It Looks Bad To Customers

If your customers stopped to think about it, they probably couldn’t put a finger on why it is that they don’t like weeds. It’s not just a societal thing that they’ve learned; it’s the randomness of a weed there…and over there…and another one over there.

In general, people like order. While there are times that they love disorder — watching Will It Blend videos or seeing dashcam footage of car wrecks — they’d rather see everything in its place. This is very true when it comes to your DFW landscaping, where they want to see a weed-free lawn as they’re stepping into your business. They also want to see well-manicured bushes, trimmed trees, and seasonal flowers.

It’s Taking Resources From Your Lawn

There are four basic resources that weeds are taking from your lawn. 

  • Water – We’ve talked a lot about how precious a resource water is and how smart irrigation systems can help reduce your water usage. Unfortunately, weeds end up stealing the water from the grass, forcing you to use more.
  • Fertilizer – Fertilizer is applied to feed the lawn, but all too often it ends up benefiting the weeds as well. If you eliminate the weeds, the grass can make use of any nutrients that have been applied.
  • Space – When a weed is growing in a lawn, it’s taking up space. That wouldn’t be so bad, except it’s taking up space where grass should be growing.
  • Sunlight – Most weeds are taller and faster-growing than the grass around it. When a weed sprouts over the grass, it’s shading it and stealing sunlight from your lawn.

It Can Get Out of Control

The problem with weeds is that they…well, they grow like weeds! Not only do they grow up and out, but many of them also reproduce quickly. If you don’t take care of those few weeds immediately, you’ll end up having a yard covered in them. This can quickly change your commercial lawn from a uniform bed of grass into something that alters your customers’ perceptions of your business. Plus, the more weeds there are, the more resources they’re taking from your lawn. 

Let Us Be Your Lawn Weed Control Service!

At Landscape Solutions, we know how important it is to keep your business’ lawn looking as good as possible. We’ll take care of all of your commercial landscaping needs, from mowing to trimming to weed control. Contact us today to learn more!